Tuesday, 7 November 2017

rocket writing

Hello my name is Mr Bike. I would like to tell you about the scariest moment in my life. I was getting ready to do my big jump at the totally human bike theme park. By the way, I am a bike. So back to the story. I was at the top of the ramp with my bike family and they were telling me I could do it. I was shivering at the top then, sk rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
I skidded down the ramp. “Mum Dad save me.” I was balling my eyes out. “Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa.”
Bang! My seat, (which is my is my face) hit the side of the ramp. I was knocked out cold. “Oh no my pants fell down,” I cried. I fell down the ramp and landed on the stairs. Then when I woke in hospital with both of my wheels flat and my derailleur fell off. My mum and brother were at the hospital and they were helping me get through all the stuff that was happening in my life. Dad was at work getting money so he couldn't come. I think I will not do this again.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you ever found yourself running quickly around  your house because your brother is trying to attack you or has taken your one special toy! You are crying out loud, limping to your Mum.
“COMING son”.
My speech is about over reacting if you don't already know. I think that annoying things do happen but the important thing is to not to overreact! For example, if you get stung by a bee, ahh that always hurts. 

Picture this,  “Buzzzzzz ahhhhhh”! Yelled everybody who saw the honey bee. The bee is getting ready to throw a tantrum. Everybody is stumbling quickly until their lungs are empty.
 “Go to the playground tunnel, it won't find you there,”
 yelled everyone like a troop of military generals.  Everybody squeezes into the tunnel.  I'm one of the people who go crazy and get humiliated.

Then there's the  people who just say neah and walk away like there's nothing to worry about. Then there are the not so smart people who just stay still and get stung. They think they're strategies smart but actually they are clue less compared to the other people. 

Another dreadful scenario is when your mum is dropping a tiny bowl off at your friend's house and she says she'll be a minute but actually, no. You wait for about 10 minutes and you want to go in the house and ask politely if you can go home, but there's a bright side to that you get to play with your friend.

 Another scenario is when you are unable to open a jar of peanut butter. “Dad I need your help,”
 “I'm doing my work,”
 The peanut butter is right there, just 2cm away. How frustrating!!!! Why didn't I get the easy to open peanut butter jar. Why does dad have to do work?  It’s so annoying. Am I right?  You just want to try and bite the lid off.

 So what should you do if you are shouting at your brother? 
My advice is to make your brother feel like it was their fault that you both got told off(which it was) and hopefully he won't do it next time. Awesome, you can annoy him all over again. HA HA HA”.

By         Murphy 

Sunday, 2 July 2017

good activities

Week 9 week

Angle launchers
We had two launchers, so we had two groups. We recorded the results of the shot out ping pong balls. The distance for the short range setting was around 95 cm. For the medium range we only got two shots but the average was 1.65 meters. The first shot that we did was 14.5 meters long. The the best shot was 14.5m but that was when we counted where it stopped then we were told that it was where it bounced. The best angle for distance was 45 degrees, and it went 1.70.

Slingshot rockets
This week I am going to tell you about slingshot rockets and how they work. Slingshot rockets are made out of rubber bands, paper,paper clips an ice block stick and a straw. The rubber band is for elastic potential energy to make it fly. The paper is a piece of the rocket to make a feather for the plane to go further but it actually goes further without the feather. The paper clips are for grabbing the rubber bands to fire it. The ice block stick is to help pull the rubber band for elastic energy. The straw is to hold the feathers to feather and that is why you need the appointment. A slingshot rocket is fast but it only goes like 6 to 10 meters.

Flipping frogs
Now I will tell you about flipping frogs they are meant to jump high and look like frogs when they jump. When I made a flipping frog it went about 27cm which is not very good compared with Quinn’s. His went over a meter. Anyway flipping frogs are launched by elastic potential energy.

by Murphy & Zack

Thursday, 22 June 2017

the onager vs the trebuchet

Week 8 The Onager Vs Trebuchet
This term our class is learning about the Trebuchet and the Onager’s similarities and differences.

Did you know that the trebuchet has slower velocity but it goes further while the onager has faster velocity but it goes a shorter distance. The onager also needs to be nailed down because it might swing forward and may hit someone with power. The trebuchet uses weights because the weights pull the throwing arm up and launch the projectile. I wonder if the onager was used in the old days as a castle infiltrator to help the attackers get inside and steal the loot.

Did you know both of the catapults are needed to be set up and can’t rapid fire? The trebuchet has a bigger arch to get its projectile higher and into the castles in the roman days. This is obvious, but both of the projectile's launch. I wonder if the Romans built the catapults as big as a playground.

Overall..I think that the trebuchet would be most useful in the olden days.

Monday, 19 June 2017

emotions at camp

Emotions at  camp
I woke up with a cheeky smile on my face and a day pack on the ground. All I needed was clothes.  Max, my friend, has  a hand injury so he had to get his thing for his hand which took him a very long time. Everybody laughed because he was singing. Anyway I got up and climbed down the bunk bed ladder and put some clothes on. It was hard because everybody was running around the room to get the room tidy. I stepped out the door when I remembered  that I needed my day pack for the activities. I raced in the door, grabbed my day pack and stepped out into the breeze.  I was walking to the big hall when I heard someone say ‘hurry up we are going to have breakfast’. So after  that I sprinted to the hall.  I took my shoes off and stepped through the door.Then I realised I was early because not many people were there, so me and my friend started to slide on the floor.

A few hours later... we were talking to Miss Smith about orientating the map for orienteering. Miss Smith told us about stinging nettle and what the controls are (control is a scientist's word for orienteering posts).  My friend Harry and I were out orienteering and my other friends started to help us. We were running up and down this one track when Zack my other  friend blurted out that he had found one.  I can't remember which number it was. Then we went to the other side of the track.

A few minutes later.. we had two more controls to find and if I can remember  properly it was 5 and 14. We were so close. Before we had started an instructor told me that number 14 was the hardest. Zack and I were arguing about which way to go to find the control number 5. So 3 of us went one way and Zack went the other way. It turned out that Zack was right and it was on the right side of the river. So Harry, Kingston and I had to run to the bridge and slowly walk to Zack. We had only number 14 left to find but that was the easiest and we found it in a flick of a finger. So we started to run back to the campground. There was a bridge and without thinking, I ran straight over it and nearly slipped into the water but I kept running.  My friend Harry ano I were there first so we counted the points.

Later, I was at quiz night and we had to choose a group. My friends were in a different group, so got some of my friends and some of the people in my class but I didn’t mind. We had to choose a runner. I was the fastest runner so I was it. We had lots of questions to answer when the teacher said go I ran to Miranda and sprinted back to my team. We answered the first questions and I ran to Miranda then I ran straight back to my team. A few hours later… Ollie’s dad Paul was calling out the winners - it was the Ole bull runners.
I packed all my bags and cleaned our room We were walking to the bus. When I saw the bus and was very angry.    THE END

                         BY MURPHY

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cheeky writing

Cheeky writing
There I was lost in a forest with only my friend Jonty and a map to save us. How did we get ourselves in this sticky situation you ask? It all started when Jonty and I were doing orienteering, looking for the control letter M. We ran so fast the other people in our activity group had disappeared, like snails racing a cheetah. We didn't know that we were racing ahead until we got to the control. Jonty and I felt glory and happiness but when we realised we were alone. I personally felt worried I thought we were going to get told off. We waited, waited and waited . Then I looked at the map to see where they might be. We had an idea that the others had gone to the next closest one or we had gone to second one so we decided to look around. I looked north and Jonty looked south. He told me I was going the wrong way then said “Let's check.” We had a look around but we couldn't find them. So we waited. I heard a someone singing. I knew immediately that it was them. Jonty and I saw our crew, so we snuck through the trees behind them and joined the group. None of them noticed we were gone so we didn't get told off.

When I was writing this story I was learning to how to use proper punctuation but I wasn't using any words out of my brightsparks book. It went well because I remembered a little bit of what actually happened at school camp and I had written it in my planning book so I could just write it down on my iPad. My next steps that I need to work on are getting words out of my brightsparks book.
By Murphy

Sunday, 21 May 2017


"                                                                                    Week 1:
Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today's slime-tipping experiment on Mr Anderson, I have considered placing myself in gathering data as multistructural because I can gather data but it is not always accurate. For inferencing I placed myself in unistructural because I am not very good at describing stuff and I am forgetting what it feels like or smells like or looks like. I placed myself in engaging in science on relational because I got to tip the slim on Mr Anderson's head and I got to try and write what a real slime would look like, smell like and feel like.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

In the balloon experiment I observed that the balloon twirled when it went on a bumpy string. My learning was multistructural because I could observe lots of stuff. Like the first trial it made a low pitched sound and when the string was in a horizontal line it made a high pitched noise

Week 3: Drag
When we put the paper on the balloon it spun because the paper couldn’t find a way to go around the wind so and that made it have more drag so it spun. When we put the paper on the top of the balloon it went the whole way and it had air to spare because the wind just pushed the tiny corner of paper. I wonder if the balloon would go faster if it was going down hill.my gathering data this week was multistructural because I could gather good data but not a lot of data.

Week 4: Trebuchet
The trebuchet was  using force to launch the projectile because the sling swings to a certain angle and the ring connected to the sling slides off making  the projectile launch. There is a force in the sling when the nail is pulled out because the weights are heavier than the ball. The weights make a difference because they pull. When  the weights go down the sling goes up so the more weights the longer the ball goes. When there is a heavier projectile the ball goes a shorter distance because the ball makes the less heavy. It is like the ball is protesting against the weights but the counterweights always win. The throwing arm is strong because the counterweights will make the arm snap. I wonder if we pulled the nail out faster and harder it will go further. My data is multistructural because I gather a lot of data but it is not always right. My inferences are multistructural because I have the right inferences but I don't know a lot.