Sunday, 2 April 2017

Are you a responsible citizen?

Are you a responsible citizen, are you? If you are you will follow rules and laws and you will be nice to everyone else and not hurt anyone. You won't steal and everyone will live in peace. If no one followed rules and laws then all the little kids would be bad because they would copy what the older men do, and think it's the right thing, so they do it. We need to be responsible citizens because everybody will go home happy, kids would do the right thing and help each other. My mom follows rules and laws by helping other people like the people at her work to not break the laws. Over all, we need to follow rules and laws because we need to need to live in peace.

Are you trustworthy? If you are everyone will trust you. Your parents might let you stay at your house when you're older and your teacher will let you grab equipment by yourself. If nobody was trustworthy lots of people would go to jail and they might steal lots of money. We need to be trustworthy because if we didn't what I just said would happen people would be sad. Jonty is trustworthy because he went to the art shed to get paper alone. Over all, it is important to be trustworthy because people need to have resources to stay alive and to have fun.

Are you helpful bystander for me? If you are you will do these things: help people if they're going to get hurt or are hurting someone else. If nobody was a helpful bystander lots of little kids would get hurt and there would be a bad guy who uses people as slaves and butlers. We need helpful bystanders to care for kids and not hurt them. I am a helpful bystander because people were fighting and I stood in the middle of them and told a teacher. Overall, we need to be a helpful bystander because if we didn't everybody would get hurt.

Do you contribute? If you do you will follow these simple rules: you will let any gender join in with you and if someone is sitting on their own alone you will let them have a turn in your game. If no one contributed, then every body would get bored and lonely people would stop learning. This quality is important because everybody needs to learn and be nice so no one is lonely. Max contributes by not letting me lose in soccer and coming to help me.

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