Monday, 10 April 2017

At the start of the year

At the start of the year I think my learning was multistructural because I sometimes was a wet day Monitor or a I was a kapa Haka leader teaching others. Now think I am in the middle of  relational and extended abstract because I participate in lots of events and I know most the actions at kapa haka. I can sing reasonably well but most of all I pick up after myself to keep places tidy.

My inquiry project is encouraging little kids to keep running and to teach other people the steps of what you do before and after your run. There weren't t many challenges but we struggled on two particular challenges didn't get the names of the 12 people until we started and we didn't know where to run.

Overall..I feel my learning is important to the Community because I am encouraging little kids to keep there body motivated and to pick up after themselves.

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