Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cheeky writing

Cheeky writing
There I was lost in a forest with only my friend Jonty and a map to save us. How did we get ourselves in this sticky situation you ask? It all started when Jonty and I were doing orienteering, looking for the control letter M. We ran so fast the other people in our activity group had disappeared, like snails racing a cheetah. We didn't know that we were racing ahead until we got to the control. Jonty and I felt glory and happiness but when we realised we were alone. I personally felt worried I thought we were going to get told off. We waited, waited and waited . Then I looked at the map to see where they might be. We had an idea that the others had gone to the next closest one or we had gone to second one so we decided to look around. I looked north and Jonty looked south. He told me I was going the wrong way then said “Let's check.” We had a look around but we couldn't find them. So we waited. I heard a someone singing. I knew immediately that it was them. Jonty and I saw our crew, so we snuck through the trees behind them and joined the group. None of them noticed we were gone so we didn't get told off.

When I was writing this story I was learning to how to use proper punctuation but I wasn't using any words out of my brightsparks book. It went well because I remembered a little bit of what actually happened at school camp and I had written it in my planning book so I could just write it down on my iPad. My next steps that I need to work on are getting words out of my brightsparks book.
By Murphy

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  1. I love the Descriptive words in your I can really imagine that I am you