Sunday, 21 May 2017


"                                                                                    Week 1:
Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
After today's slime-tipping experiment on Mr Anderson, I have considered placing myself in gathering data as multistructural because I can gather data but it is not always accurate. For inferencing I placed myself in unistructural because I am not very good at describing stuff and I am forgetting what it feels like or smells like or looks like. I placed myself in engaging in science on relational because I got to tip the slim on Mr Anderson's head and I got to try and write what a real slime would look like, smell like and feel like.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

In the balloon experiment I observed that the balloon twirled when it went on a bumpy string. My learning was multistructural because I could observe lots of stuff. Like the first trial it made a low pitched sound and when the string was in a horizontal line it made a high pitched noise

Week 3: Drag
When we put the paper on the balloon it spun because the paper couldn’t find a way to go around the wind so and that made it have more drag so it spun. When we put the paper on the top of the balloon it went the whole way and it had air to spare because the wind just pushed the tiny corner of paper. I wonder if the balloon would go faster if it was going down gathering data this week was multistructural because I could gather good data but not a lot of data.

Week 4: Trebuchet
The trebuchet was  using force to launch the projectile because the sling swings to a certain angle and the ring connected to the sling slides off making  the projectile launch. There is a force in the sling when the nail is pulled out because the weights are heavier than the ball. The weights make a difference because they pull. When  the weights go down the sling goes up so the more weights the longer the ball goes. When there is a heavier projectile the ball goes a shorter distance because the ball makes the less heavy. It is like the ball is protesting against the weights but the counterweights always win. The throwing arm is strong because the counterweights will make the arm snap. I wonder if we pulled the nail out faster and harder it will go further. My data is multistructural because I gather a lot of data but it is not always right. My inferences are multistructural because I have the right inferences but I don't know a lot.

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