Monday, 19 June 2017

emotions at camp

Emotions at  camp
I woke up with a cheeky smile on my face and a day pack on the ground. All I needed was clothes.  Max, my friend, has  a hand injury so he had to get his thing for his hand which took him a very long time. Everybody laughed because he was singing. Anyway I got up and climbed down the bunk bed ladder and put some clothes on. It was hard because everybody was running around the room to get the room tidy. I stepped out the door when I remembered  that I needed my day pack for the activities. I raced in the door, grabbed my day pack and stepped out into the breeze.  I was walking to the big hall when I heard someone say ‘hurry up we are going to have breakfast’. So after  that I sprinted to the hall.  I took my shoes off and stepped through the door.Then I realised I was early because not many people were there, so me and my friend started to slide on the floor.

A few hours later... we were talking to Miss Smith about orientating the map for orienteering. Miss Smith told us about stinging nettle and what the controls are (control is a scientist's word for orienteering posts).  My friend Harry and I were out orienteering and my other friends started to help us. We were running up and down this one track when Zack my other  friend blurted out that he had found one.  I can't remember which number it was. Then we went to the other side of the track.

A few minutes later.. we had two more controls to find and if I can remember  properly it was 5 and 14. We were so close. Before we had started an instructor told me that number 14 was the hardest. Zack and I were arguing about which way to go to find the control number 5. So 3 of us went one way and Zack went the other way. It turned out that Zack was right and it was on the right side of the river. So Harry, Kingston and I had to run to the bridge and slowly walk to Zack. We had only number 14 left to find but that was the easiest and we found it in a flick of a finger. So we started to run back to the campground. There was a bridge and without thinking, I ran straight over it and nearly slipped into the water but I kept running.  My friend Harry ano I were there first so we counted the points.

Later, I was at quiz night and we had to choose a group. My friends were in a different group, so got some of my friends and some of the people in my class but I didn’t mind. We had to choose a runner. I was the fastest runner so I was it. We had lots of questions to answer when the teacher said go I ran to Miranda and sprinted back to my team. We answered the first questions and I ran to Miranda then I ran straight back to my team. A few hours later… Ollie’s dad Paul was calling out the winners - it was the Ole bull runners.
I packed all my bags and cleaned our room We were walking to the bus. When I saw the bus and was very angry.    THE END

                         BY MURPHY

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