Thursday, 22 June 2017

the onager vs the trebuchet

Week 8 The Onager Vs Trebuchet
This term our class is learning about the Trebuchet and the Onager’s similarities and differences.

Did you know that the trebuchet has slower velocity but it goes further while the onager has faster velocity but it goes a shorter distance. The onager also needs to be nailed down because it might swing forward and may hit someone with power. The trebuchet uses weights because the weights pull the throwing arm up and launch the projectile. I wonder if the onager was used in the old days as a castle infiltrator to help the attackers get inside and steal the loot.

Did you know both of the catapults are needed to be set up and can’t rapid fire? The trebuchet has a bigger arch to get its projectile higher and into the castles in the roman days. This is obvious, but both of the projectile's launch. I wonder if the Romans built the catapults as big as a playground.

Overall..I think that the trebuchet would be most useful in the olden days.

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