Sunday, 2 July 2017

good activities

Week 9 week

Angle launchers
We had two launchers, so we had two groups. We recorded the results of the shot out ping pong balls. The distance for the short range setting was around 95 cm. For the medium range we only got two shots but the average was 1.65 meters. The first shot that we did was 14.5 meters long. The the best shot was 14.5m but that was when we counted where it stopped then we were told that it was where it bounced. The best angle for distance was 45 degrees, and it went 1.70.

Slingshot rockets
This week I am going to tell you about slingshot rockets and how they work. Slingshot rockets are made out of rubber bands, paper,paper clips an ice block stick and a straw. The rubber band is for elastic potential energy to make it fly. The paper is a piece of the rocket to make a feather for the plane to go further but it actually goes further without the feather. The paper clips are for grabbing the rubber bands to fire it. The ice block stick is to help pull the rubber band for elastic energy. The straw is to hold the feathers to feather and that is why you need the appointment. A slingshot rocket is fast but it only goes like 6 to 10 meters.

Flipping frogs
Now I will tell you about flipping frogs they are meant to jump high and look like frogs when they jump. When I made a flipping frog it went about 27cm which is not very good compared with Quinn’s. His went over a meter. Anyway flipping frogs are launched by elastic potential energy.

by Murphy & Zack

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