Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you ever found yourself running quickly around  your house because your brother is trying to attack you or has taken your one special toy! You are crying out loud, limping to your Mum.
“COMING son”.
My speech is about over reacting if you don't already know. I think that annoying things do happen but the important thing is to not to overreact! For example, if you get stung by a bee, ahh that always hurts. 

Picture this,  “Buzzzzzz ahhhhhh”! Yelled everybody who saw the honey bee. The bee is getting ready to throw a tantrum. Everybody is stumbling quickly until their lungs are empty.
 “Go to the playground tunnel, it won't find you there,”
 yelled everyone like a troop of military generals.  Everybody squeezes into the tunnel.  I'm one of the people who go crazy and get humiliated.

Then there's the  people who just say neah and walk away like there's nothing to worry about. Then there are the not so smart people who just stay still and get stung. They think they're strategies smart but actually they are clue less compared to the other people. 

Another dreadful scenario is when your mum is dropping a tiny bowl off at your friend's house and she says she'll be a minute but actually, no. You wait for about 10 minutes and you want to go in the house and ask politely if you can go home, but there's a bright side to that you get to play with your friend.

 Another scenario is when you are unable to open a jar of peanut butter. “Dad I need your help,”
 “I'm doing my work,”
 The peanut butter is right there, just 2cm away. How frustrating!!!! Why didn't I get the easy to open peanut butter jar. Why does dad have to do work?  It’s so annoying. Am I right?  You just want to try and bite the lid off.

 So what should you do if you are shouting at your brother? 
My advice is to make your brother feel like it was their fault that you both got told off(which it was) and hopefully he won't do it next time. Awesome, you can annoy him all over again. HA HA HA”.

By         Murphy 

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